Hate is not an Aggie value.

Addressing it is everyone’s responsibility.

As a major public institution of higher education, Texas A&M University has both an extraordinary opportunity and a special responsibility to create and maintain a climate that affirms diversity of persons as well as diversity of views. Diversity is an indispensable component of academic excellence. A commitment to diversity means a commitment to the inclusion, welcome, and support of individuals from all groups, encompassing the various characteristics of persons in our community. Among these characteristics are race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, age, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. As we harness the power of diversity, we will provide students, faculty, and staff a university experience rich in perspectives and opportunities to learn from each other.

In the spirit of shared responsibility, we encourage each University unit, student organization, and campus community member to help make our campus a welcoming place for all.